Stop Human Trafficking Essay

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Stop Human Trafficking

“[A] mom secured a "certificate of virginity" from a doctor for her daughter and sold the girl to man who raped her in a hotel for two days.After the ordeal, [the girl] was sold to brothels on three occasions and finally escaped to a safe house after learning that her mom planned to send her away for a six-month prostitution stint. ”(Goldberg, 2015) This is one form of human trafficking. It is quite shocking that it is so prevalent in the world. But what is human trafficking exactly? Can it really be that big? If it is so big why hasn’t it been stopped? All of those are excellent questions, but none of those even begin to scratch the surface of human trafficking and how awful it is. Questioning it is not going to do anything for the people that are suffering in the world of human trafficking, because most of the world knows it exists. Human trafficking is an awful plague engulfing today’s society, to grow but the greater issue in the world more than human trafficking, is the method in dealing with human trafficking. Laws against
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| Homeland Security,") Trafficking means the action of dealing or trading something illegal. There are all kind of trafficking, ranging from drugs to human. Human trafficking is a multi-Billion dollar industry that is constantly growing, with an estimated two and a half million victims involved worldwide on any given day. But It’s important to note that human trafficking does not mean being kidnapped or being smuggled. Human smuggling is illegally moving people into and out of a country, and kidnapping means taking someone by force . "Human trafficking [kidnapping] and human smuggling are distinct criminal activities, and the terms are not interchangeable."("Human Trafficking and Smuggling |

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