Essay Stop City 's Seizure And Destruction Of Essential Property

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Homeless Individuals in City of Pomona Take Legal Action To Stop City’s Seizure and Destruction of Essential Property. The City of Pomona is seizing and destroying homeless people’s IDs, medications, legal documents, and priceless sentimental objects, in blatant violation of clearly established law. Today, March 18, a group of homeless individuals and a local church that serves the homeless in Pomona took legal action to stop the City of Pomona from continuing its illegal practice of summarily seizing and destroying the personal possessions of homeless people, violating their Constitutionally protected rights.
“The City of Pomona is breaking the law and endangering its citizens. In a civil society, it’s unacceptable for the government to seize property like a thief in the night,” said Margaret Morrow, President and CEO of Public Counsel. “What makes Pomona’s practices so much worse than other local cities is that the property poses no threat whatsoever to the public but is destroyed on the spot. There is zero justification for taking someone’s benefits card, life-saving insulin, and personal identification. Our courts have already determined that this is a blatant violation of these individuals’ constitutional rights. These practices perpetuate the cycle of homelessness by leaving homeless people, who start off with little, worse off than they began.”
The plaintiffs, represented by Public Counsel and Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP, filed a motion for a preliminary injunction in…

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