Stop And Frisk : Stop Or Frisk Essay

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Stop-and-frisk is when police officers stop and question an individual, then frisk them for weapons and/or contraband. This practice has received a lot of controversy since a majority of those stop and frisked were mostly African-American and Latino. Many people agree with the practice while others do not. Arguments in favor of stop and frisk, believe that it is reducing violence. Stop and frisk’s goal is to prevent crime from occurring by searching people suspected of committing a crime. One belief is that stop and frisk is not necessarily about race but about suspicious behavior. If an officer sees an individual acting in a strange behavior and they know a crime is about to take place, officers are obliged to stop and question that person. Officers are stopping a potential robbery and making sure someone does not become a victim. The questioning of an individual under suspicious circumstances is a valuable police tactic and involves the prevention and solution of crime. In Fyfe’s article he claims that, "The terry decision only authorizes action upon reasonable suspicion of criminality and a frisking reasonably necessary for the officer 's protection. And all this must be performed in a reasonable manner. " (Fyfe, 2004 pg. 380) The person that the officer is dealing with may be dangerous; therefore it is reasonable because he or she needs to take into the consideration his safety and the safety of others. An officer needs to discover the weapons that could be…

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