Stop And Frisk As A Strategy For Combating Illegal Acts Essay

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For many years the NYPD has been using stop and frisk as a strategy for combating illegal acts. Police officers stop suspects and search with their hands through the person 's outer clothing to check whether the individual is carrying a weapon or other forms of contraband. The search is done to most suspected individuals (Dale, 2011). Beginning in the 1970s, in an attempt to reducing crime, New York City started urging its officers to stop individuals they viewed suspicious, to question them, and, if there was sufficient reason to suspect unlawful activities, to pat them down for things like paraphernalia and weapons. This kind of police movement has been maintained before: Derived from a case that occurred in 1968 in which the Supreme Court ruled that police officers may conduct limited searches on suspects who they believe are in possession of weapons and other forms of contraband. In places other than New York stop and frisk are known as a Terry Stops. In recent years there has been an overwhelming amount of uncertainty toward the policy because of the individuals that are being stopped. A vast amount of blacks and Latino‚Äôs have been stopped due to this policy, with whites making up a small percentage of the individuals that are being approached by the police and stopped. The NYPD 's stop & frisk policy has raised genuine concerns over racial profiling, unlawful stops and the fourth amendment right of individuals. The NYPD comprised a report on the stop,…

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