Stop Abusing ' Sustainability : An Article Written By Peter Hjorth And Ali Bagheri

1121 Words Feb 20th, 2016 null Page
Stop Abusing ‘Sustainability’ The misuse of the word ‘sustainability’ happens daily by those wishing to make a quick profit; all the while, their actions and thoughts are anything but sustainable. The general population is still trying to figure out this word, sustainability. Does it mean ‘eco-friendly’? Does it mean ‘more expensive’? What is this expensive, ‘hippie ideology’ and what does it have to do with development? The term ‘sustainable development’ was coined a couple decades ago famously by the Brundtland Commission. They defined sustainable development by marrying together the three areas of environment, economy, and society. Achieving perfect balance in all three areas as it pertains to development, is the definition of sustainable development. Sustainable development was best defined an article written by Peter Hjorth and Ali Bagheri titled, Navigating Towards Sustainable Development: A System Dynamics Approach, as “(introducing) a process to save basic natural resources from being ruined, and emphasizes the forgotten key role of the environmental services in the improvement of livelihoods and incomes”.
Sustainable Development is a Never Ending System One can make an educated guess for future outcomes and situations, but no one ever knows 100% what the future holds. We can make adjustments in the now based on actions from the past, and offset the future course. Therefore, true sustainable development goes far beyond the completion of a development project. It…

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