Stop A Party : An Example Of An Introduction Of Modern Day Polygamy

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Imagine going to a party. You haven’t been there long and you really hit it off with a highly attractive person of the opposite gender. The whole night is spent laughing, joking, really connecting, and you honestly feel like maybe this could go somewhere. They invite you over to their place, never mentioning if they share living quarters with anyone else. When the two of you walk in the door there are already two others sitting on the couch cuddling and watching a movie. This is not what you were expecting but it’s no big deal until the person you have spent your whole night with greets the couple as his/her ‘lovers’ and gives each of them a smooch on the lips You have really enjoyed the company of this individual a lot. How do you react?
Although theoretically, the previous encounter is an example of an introduction to modern day polygamy. Considering Polygamy in the present day, there are a lot of different laws and ideas or feelings about it among different states, countries, and communities. Many religions and belief practices are disgusted by the idea of more than two people being bound in matrimony. However, it is a concept that is being more openly accepted to younger generations, who don’t follow tradition as strictly as their predecessors. Acknowledging that times are vastly changing, especially with the legalization of gay marriage, Polygamy in a legal stance is not far from eye shot. Although most Americans argue that it is a selfish and immoral act, a growing…

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