Essay about Stone Finch (Case Study)

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(Lecturer: Dr Bharat (Ben) Shenoy

Student Name: Hamzah Takamlay

Student ID Number: 027007

Course: Wales MBA (General)

Module Name: Leadership and Strategic Change

Contents  Introduction of Stone Finch 3  Diagnosing the Problem 3  Symptoms 4 Strategic Intent of Stone Finch, Inc. 4 Adaptive Leadership of Stone Finch, Inc. 4 Organizational Architecture of Stone Finch, Inc. 5  Diagnosis 6 Diagnosis of the Strategic Intent 6 Diagnosis of the Contextual Leadership 7 Diagnosis of Organizational Architecture 8  Recommendations 9 Recommendations for Strategic Intent 9 Recommendation for contextual leadership Billings, Saunders and Suarez 11 Recommendation for Organisation architecture of Stone
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Furthermore 8 people had resigned from the Solutions Division in the past three months. The employees were leaving from the sales department of the Water Products Division and joining its competitors. Morale of the employees was down in both the sections Water Divisions and Solutions Division of Stone Finch. There was a huge rift between the employees of both the divisions. Billings appointed Beth Suarez as the vice president of the Solutions Division. She did not prove to be a good leader. In the Solutions Division itself the employees were divided into two groups and could not get together. The first group were the employees from the subsidiaries who merged with the Solutions Division and the second group were the employees who worked only for the Solutions division. Besides that there was very less communication and co-ordination between the two main divisions of Stone Finch. Initially Saunders believed that Billings was a talent and inspiring leader but later Saunders doubted this. There were any unanswered questions about the future of the company during this time of crisis. This raised the question if Jim Billings was a good leader. In my opinion Saunders failed miserably to motivate his employees. This was a contributing factor to the employees

Organizational Architecture of

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