Stolen Sex

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That 70’s show, airing from 1998 to 2006, told of a group of teenagers; Eric, Donna, Jackie, Kelso, Hyde, and Fez, and how they kept themselves busy in a small town of Wisconsin. Each teen has a very stereotypical personality; we have all beauty no brains Kelso, independent and outspoken feminist Donna, and rebel without a cause Hyde. The teens wear the exact clothing one would picture when reminiscing about the 70’s – funky patterns, t-shirts with your favorite band that your parents could not stand, flared jeans, and clunky shoes. The series also includes what life was like as an adult through Eric’s parents, Kitty and Red, as well as Donna’s parents, Bob and Midge. With both the teens and adults, we are given a deeper insight of many social …show more content…
He believes that this “empowerment” is not real or needed, and against his demands, Midge attends the class anyway. Bob later complains to Donna, that Midge has abandoned them and that is not something married women do, to which Donna replies with, “Sure they do Dad, it’s the 70s.”, and further explains that the equal rights movement is important to women because they are no longer an object of the husband’s possession. Throughout the conversation between the family the laugh track is used many times; when Bob asks Midge, “Is this about jewelry? Because, if it is, I can buy you jewelry.” and when Midge corrects Bob for thinking “total female empowerment can be learned in one night” by informing him that it takes ten nights. The humor here comes from the reflection on how at times people overlooked feminism, and how men did not always get what the equal rights meant to women. It was funny for people, twenty years later, to look back on the attitudes of people who remained stuck in the view that women belong only in the house. At one point Bob notices how upset Donna is over the situation and asks if she’s upset about clothes…and if it’s about clothes, then he can get her some, similarly to how he told Midge he could get her jewelry, and once again showing his lack of understanding of feminism. The simple ignorance on his

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