Stolen Generation Case Study

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This essay has two different parts, the chosen event and aspect will be about Indigenous Australian history of Stolen Generation. It will have answers to, What is Stolen Generation? why have Indigenous children been removed from their families? Also by analysing the nature of the effects and impacts of the event in practice of Indigenous Australians. Children from the Indigenous Australian background has been through so much traumatic events, that educators must have an understanding of these historical events and practices by reflecting on the relevance of the Indigenous Australian history. It is important for the educators to understand these events because they have an important role in teaching Indigenous Australian and Non-Indigenous …show more content…
Children from the Stolen Generation has been through so much distress educators need to understand and implement appropriate learning, and interesting learning for all diverse students to make it an equal learning. As Nichol, (2011) has argued, "there is a major concern in education upon Indigenous students. Educators realize from their experience, that Indigenous children learn in a different way and their cultures and pedagogies have force and strength". (Nichol, 2011) "The most appropriate and effective learning strategies for Indigenous students are as being holistic, flexible, creative, imaginable, kinaesthetic, participatory, mentoring, cooperative, contextual, respectful, accepting and person-oriented". (Nichol, 2011) While teaching Stolen Generation teacher 's and educators need to be sensitive, it may affect some students as it can be a family matter for them. Thus many Indigenous parents in Australia dislike for what their children are been taught, For example, when children are told that Captain James Cook discovered Australia and they have settled in Australia instead of invaded (Nichol, 2011). It is important to be accurate and relevant while teaching Indigenous history as it is a very sensitive subject. It is very important to understand the Indigenous Australian history if educators have lacked knowledge of Indigenous Australian history it may cause racism in Australian society. It will also "led to neglect of misconceptions and stereotypes about Indigenous Australian history and culture". (Craven, 2011 p. 44) Teacher 's researching and learning more about Indigenous Australians will teach all Non-Indigenous Australians what they went through while they were members of the Stolen Generation and this will teach the truth about what they have gone through

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