Stolen Artwork Of The Holocaust Essay

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Stolen Artwork of the Holocaust
It is said that “The Nazis’ plundering of hundreds of thousands of works of art from the private collections of Jews from 1933 to 1945 is considered the biggest art heist in history”(Fouquet). During the Holocaust, the Nazi 's stole artworks, some of which would eventually end up in American museums, this was done to fund the war effort and to erase the culture before the third Reich. This has had a lasting impact on many Jewish families.

Nazis stole art from Jewish families during the Holocaust. So what happened to all the art that was stolen? Most of the art stolen by the Nazis from Jewish families was returned, but according to many historians some still remain in limbo (Marks). Groups and organizations are working to have the artwork stolen by the Nazis returned to their rightful owners. Hitler sent stolen treasure from Berlin to a salt mine. “In a salt mine 2,100 feet below the bombed surface, soldiers stumbled on an astounding collection of art and valuables (Breslau).” Soviet troops discovered giant flak towers with collections from museums and galleries (Breslau)."During a piece of art 's lifetime, records can be lost and things may go undocumented, causing the history of the artwork’s records to be inaccurate(Marks). Groups and organization are working to have the artwork stolen by the Nazis, returned to their rightful owners. The Holocaust Art Restitution Project (HARP) is working to help the Holocaust survivors and their…

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