Stocktrak Report Essay

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Monday, September 10, 2012, I started Stock-Trak, an online portfolio game. Stock- Trak allowed me to gain hands on experience testing different investment strategies in a risk-free, yet realistic environment. From September 10 to November 16, 2012, I took part in one such simulation by managing an online Stock-Trak portfolio. I was given an initial amount of $100,000 pretend cash with which to invest. All monetary decisions were at my discretion. This paper discusses my trading experience , my portfolio’s performance, the strategies used during the simulation, what I learned in the process, and how I will implement the knowledge gained from the simulation in future investments.
a.How much previous experience trading stocks do you have?
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I wanted to diversify this way, by fully controlling my portfolio and picking my own stocks. As mentioned before I had no experience in trading stock, therefore, I thought this split was the simplest. iii. What industries will you focus on and why?
The industries I focused on were healthcare, technology, utilities, and financial services. I focused on health care; because it is goods and services that no matter is needed and will be constantly changing, as the Affordable Care Act is implemented over the next few years. I focused on technology; mainly well-established tech. Well- established tech pay dividends ,meaning as a stockholder I would be being paid rather if the sector is at stagnation or not. I focused on utility stocks, because I wanted a safe investment in which provides earnings at a decent dividend and creates a decent income stream. Finally yet importantly, I focused on financial services, because my long-term time horizon would allow my investments to gain value as interest rates drops from banks, retail companies, and insurance companies. iv. When will you sell and/or buy more? My trading strategy was to buy when the stock was low and sell when it was high. Buying when the stocks were low, allowed me to buy more than one share, rather than buying less at a high price. In order to find stocks to invest in, I looked at financial websites such as Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. I looked at the stocks that

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