Essay on Stock Trak Report

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Stock Trak-Report

Investment Analysis I

Executive Summary

This report will describe examine the various strategies that were undertaken to successfully complete the Stocktrak simulation. Firstly, an analysis of the US and Chinese markets will be given as they are crucial markets that play a big role in the worldwide economy. Due to the fact that the US economy has been going through a recession, a working knowledge of this economic was crucial to our success. Our initial strategy revolved around timing trades based on daily market performance and expectations using daily market news and reports. While this strategy was successful to an extent, our group soon focused on diversifying our portfolio, not just through the quantity of
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It is no mystery U.S. economic decision-making has an immense effect on the Canadian economy as Canada is heavily tied to the fate of the U.S. once again proving the statement “when the United States sneezes, Canada catches a cold.” In addition, Canadians too have also contributed to this downturn from their own doing as their debt-levels are growing with an offsetting lower consumer confidence. As a result, these circumstances plus uncertainty makes it difficult to put trust on any investment in the marketplace. Therefore, before we decided to invest in a particular security, we observed other measures as market news, market timing and momentum trading.
China’s Economic Analysis
China's macro-economic recovery presents a good stabilizing situation. Due to the outbreak of the international financial crisis, Chinese government has targeted more benefits on investment incentives by introducing an industrial revitalization plan, which would increase scientific and technological input. In addition, the government provided many other policy packages to stabilize the investor and consumer confidence, and promote economic recovery. The government stimulus package would boost imports through enhancing domestic demand, while the growing competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the international market would increase exports. It looks like at least in 2010 the growth of retail sales of social consumer goods will remain at the

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