Stock Trak Investment Report Essay

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Stock Trak Investment Report
[Portfolio Investment Analysis]
Portfolio management is an important factor that determines the performance of the portfolio. To perform well in the portfolio, it is not only essential to develop personal investment strategies, but analyzing current financial trend is also vital. Stock Trak is an online portfolio simulation that allows students to try out different investment strategies, and also get a hand on experience in what the real market trading conditions are. By managing the portfolio, I have acquired some new knowledge of investment strategies and also become more familiar with the current market by following closely to the financial headlines. My portfolio composed of only a few specific stocks
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This event again made me realize how financial information can have a huge influence on the price of the security. Historical data is also a helpful guide of making strategies. By looking into the past stock price, it is easy to see the cyclical trend of the stock. Before the purchase period, the stock had experienced a trough; however, it started to recover from the price downfall soon after. Therefore, by analyzing the historical data, it can be predicted that the price is likely to rise after the trough. Apple Inc. (AAPL) was purchased on October 27th, 2011 and sold on November 15th, 2011 with quantity of 5 shares. The purchase price was $404.69 and the closing price was $388.83, which gave me a total loss of $99.3 after deducting commissions.
The weekly performance of the stock is very different from the first two stocks. The historical price data presented a constant growth; however, it presented an unusual downfall of the price in this quarter and also in the purchase period. This phenomenon can be resulted by several reasons. First are the lawsuits with Samsung and Google. Those three huge institutions are fighting a patent war, which might be a cause of the price downfall. The second reason is the step down and the decease of Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs has been a legendary icon for the company. Although the news of his deteriorating health condition was well known, his departure

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