Stock Track Report Essay

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Finance 363 Stocktrak Final Report
Group 10
Cody Norton, Nick Turner, Shane Siel The stocktrak simulation was very informative. It was interesting to watch the markets with something on the line. My group was in the top 3 much of the semester. Right around the end of the simulation we fell out of the top 3 and finished in the 10th position. We could have tried to change our investment strategy in order to chase the top spot, but in the end we stayed true to our objective.
Objective and Strategy
Our objective is one that most would consider boring. I would describe myself as a long-term investor. When I actually begin to invest real money in the stock market, I will invest in sound companies that pay a decent dividend.
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Macroeconomic and Industry-level events Although we were able to diversify some of the firm specific risk in our portfolio, there were some events that affected the markets as a whole. There are ongoing events, such as the European debt crisis continued to have effect on the domestic and global markets. In addition to the European debt crisis, we have also identified the US presidential election and the looming fiscal cliff as influential macroeconomic events which affected our portfolios earnings. The first issue which affected portfolio returns was the looming European debt crisis. Ariana Eunjung Cha, a writer for the Washington Post is able to offer some insight into the situation. “The ripple effects of the European financial crisis, like its roots, are complex, but the impact on European consumers may be one of the easiest things to understand. As unemployment rates have soared — to a high of 11.2 percent in the euro zone as of Tuesday — consumer spending has plummeted. Surveys show that many Europeans, regardless of whether they have a job, have become increasingly uncertain about their economic future and are holding off on purchases of big-ticket items such as cars and appliances as well as splurges such as tech gadgets or an extra cup of coffee.” (Cha, 2012) The rough economic times Europe has a direct effect on companies, such as Ford, who produced goods to be sold in

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