Stl33 Promote Children's Positive Behaviour Essays

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1.1 Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s behaviour

• Behaviour policy
• Rewards and sanctions
• Attendance
• Anti-Bullying policy • Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour
• Code of conduct
Behaviour policy: is a guide for all staff on how pupil’s behaviour should be managed. It provides a cleared shared understanding between the Head Teacher, staff, parents and pupils on discipline. It is vital that the policy is constantly being put into practice to ensure the safety of the pupils in school and the efficiency of pupil’s ability to learn.

In my setting the behavior policy includes: * Expectations and responsibilities of Teachers behaviour and
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* Rewards and Sanctions * School councils/pupil responsibility * Mixed ability talk partners/buddies * Outside school competition * Respect * Equal Opportunity * Recycle/Eco Friendly * Confidence

Social and Emotional skills * Circle time * Emotional picture cards * Learning/Understanding emotion/expression through activities * Equal Opportunities * Everyone having their say * Valuing opinions * Treat everyone equal * Educate and Encourage diversity and culture through PSHE and activities
Understand expectations and limits
All children and young people in a school setting should understand and know the expectations and limits of their school. In order to achieve this, children must follow the

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