Short Essay On Stingrays

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Stingrays has been around for more than a 100 millions years. Stingrays have a many unique features like there skeleton, it has cartilages instead of bone. However thats not what so dangerous they have a very venomous tail. They fire their tail forward with alot of force and will release the poison when pierces the skin. There eyes are right on top of their body but they don't use them for hunting prey. They don't eat so very much and they eat anything living and small. They are very lazy and they don't do much during the day.

Stingrays are very unique because of their skeleton. All stingrays skeleton is made out of cartilage so they can swim smoother. Stingrays swim very smoothly through the water and normally go with the current, or
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If they want to eat oysters they can just crack it with there mouth. When they hunt prey they can strike it with it's tail of can crush it with its mouth. they are very dangerous for other animals that they can eat. There jaws can open very wide and crush its prey in a second. They also can swim up to 25 mph at top speed to they can catch a lot of prey in a short time.

I think that stingrays should not be a threat they are actually not so dangerous if you leave them alone they will not harm you at all. And just swim away. I think the only reason people are scared of them is because of what they can do if you harm them. However if you don't harm them they are very interesting creatures to look at. I think stingrays are very friendly creatures if you don't harm them.

Well now you know a lot about stingrays about there whole body. Stingrays has many things that other fish doesn't have like there skeleton witch is made out of cartilages. Or there ways of attacking. And you can't forget about their powerful mouths. And what they eat and how much they eat. But most importantly that there are not dangerous unless you mess with them.


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