Stimulus Speech : American Flag Essay

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Stimulus One- American Flag
In our topic of school shootings our first stimulus was an American flag. We were firstly asked what the American flag meant to us, both positive and negative. This sparked a discussion on the topic of the ‘American Dream’. Many people discussed how this gave the Americans hope. A few people went further into depth and talked about the colours of the flag representing the danger and the innocence that America claims to have. For example, Sammie said that the white could represent the “peace and innocence that the people have”, but then the red could represent the “danger and gangs in America”.
We were then instructed to make six still images based on these ideas. In my group we decided to start positively so then it could later be contrasted with a negative image. In our positive freeze frames we had created them to be exaggerated and happy. For example, in our first freeze frame our facial expression was an over exaggerated smile. This showed that America tries to put a positive light on everything that it does, almost like a blanket over the American people trying to give them a false sense of security. This contrasted well with the negative freeze frames due to the fact that the mood had completely changed. For example, in our second freeze frame, our facial features went from over exaggerated smiling, to our faces dropping into an anxious and scared look. This showed that when the hope disappeared and the American people discovered the truth,…

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