Still I Rise By Maya Angelou Essay

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The word 'Authenticity ' happens to have multiple meanings and be seen in many different perspectives. Authenticity is the concept of being truthful, and genuine about something. The poem "Still I Rise ' by Maya Angelou, is an authentic poem. The poet speaks real, genuine facts about how blacks were seen, and treated back in the day. Although, it may seem she is speaking upon herself that is not the case when she wrote this poem.
The first section of the poem, Maya states "You write me down in history, with your bitter and twisted lies" (Angelou). She is stating that throughout the generations, lies after lies were written about her people. She also states "You may trod me in the dirt, But still, like the dirt, I rise" (Angelou). She is simply stating that even though blacks are spoken down upon, we still continue to move forward with no intentions of looking back.
The second section of the poem ' Maya states "Does my sassiness upset you?" (Angelou). In translation she is asking "Does me being black and intelligent upset you". She also states "Why are you beset with gloom?" In translation, Maya is asking "Why does my intelligence make you sad?" Furthermore, she also states "Because I walk like I have oil wells pumping in my living room" (Angelou). She is enforcing that towards the oppressors, who was not fond of the sight of a confident, joyous colored person.
The third section of the poem, Maya states "Just like moons and like suns, with the certainty of tides"…

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