Globalization In The 19th Century Essay

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It is perhaps no great surprise that over history, those who presented new visuals have been seen as a threat to the establishment. The information we hear will analyze the use of stigmatization to persecute various immigrant ethnic groups. Americans would associate disease with a certain ethnic group they felt was inferior. Despite the negativity of associating stigmas with social groups, nativist attitudes proved instrumental in improving public health for the better. The apprehension felt over new cultures made the U.S. less susceptible, in the long run, to potential pathogens. Massive immigration in the late 19th century created anxiety. The focus of this work will begin with the 1880s. This is the sample to be used because of its sheer …show more content…
At this point in human history, it was being said that diseases originated from germs. At no point before was such a scientific approach taken to reason why disease and pathogenic manifestations were occurring. The medical and scientific confidence, a confidence never before harnessed by society, led to social and public health programs aimed at reducing outbreaks. People could finally understand why when diseases broke out, many people caught the disease and spread it to many others. This is highly important because Public health was now legitimized. Although the Americans were treated with the use of Public health, Immigrants were not as lucky. The Government set restrictions on the amount of Public health that the immigrants received due to the high cost of medical bills. Using medical jargon, reformers could move the masses under the guise of safety. We now connect this to immigration. Nativist, many of whom believed themselves superior to immigrants, began to associate incoming disease to incoming immigrants. At this time, the US had begun to create agencies to monitor health and politically was taking a larger hand in public safety. The Americans were angered at the fact that the immigrants were getting any health care at all, because they believed that all health care should be going to them

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