Sexy Vs. Breastfeeding In Public

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My semester long project started out a little rough, I had a misunderstanding of the project and I think it really caused me to miss out on directions that my project could have gone. However overall I am very proud of my project, and while it didn’t turn out exactly how I thought it would it was far more interesting then I intended it to be. From the beginning I had never really put much thought into breastfeeding at all but defiantly none into a mothers perspective of it. I was very open about peoples feelings towards it and had this very “every one to its own” idea about breastfeeding. I don’t think I ever really took into consideration the damaging effects that could go with the stigma around public breastfeeding and mothers. By the …show more content…
My very first source, Salads video “Sexy vs. Breastfeeding in Public (Social Experiment)” was the first source I found and really set the tone for my project and I tried to focus the first half of my project on this breasts for sex vs. breasts for feeding contradiction. It want until the second half of my project that I started getting sources that really had me focusing on the mother and her perspective and how much influence society and the stigma around breast feeding has. The article “Public Perceptions on Breastfeeding Constraints” I think was the most shocking to me, it really forces you to understand what I problem this stigma is if mothers are choosing to not breastfeed their babies because of it. Especially when society is putting such a strong stigma around mothers who choose not to breastfeed at all and rather bottle feed. There are so many double standards surrounding the stigma of public breastfeeding and I think what surprised me most of all was that many of these people involved in creating this stigma are parents. I cant seem to understand how they managed to keep their lives the same and yet get so lucky that their baby never got hungry in

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