Essay about Stigma Of Mental Health Disorders

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Working with clients who has recently suffered a trauma or crisis is something that therapist will deal with a lot. Sometimes it takes suffering a trauma or crisis to reach out for support and guidance. Many people struggle with depression and anxiety which goes untreated because they either do not want to seek help, do not have the resource to seek help or are not sure what to do. Many people can have untreated mental health disorders and feel alone in the world and not want to reach out to anyone. If someone has a tragic event, trauma or crisis they can be more inclined to seek help or reach out to people. In today’s world, there is still a stigma that mental health disorder face because people are not open minded when it comes to mental health disorders. Things are getting better, but many cultural feel that mental health disorders can be a sign of weakness which can turn people off from seeking therapy. As a therapist, we learn about different cultures and their take on mental health issues. When working with a client who is struggling with mental health disorder therapist have to work towards understanding the client’s cultural and how in tune they are with their cultural. The more clients grow up in the United States they more they might start to change their cultural views. If this is the case then the therapist should work towards understanding where the clients are with their cultural and also religious views.
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