Stigma In Mental Illness

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Mental illness, when the general public hears the words mental illness they tend to think of someone who is ‘crazy’ but is that really the case? Mental illness has had a negative stigma, most of the time when you hear of someone having a mental illness a negative tone is attached to it. Many people’s only association with the mentally ill is through the media and popular culture. Oftentimes the media portrays violent criminals as mentally ill without an actual diagnosis, thus perpetuating the stigma. In popular culture, such characters as the Joker from Batman (DC Comics) are portrayed as unstable and ‘crazy.’ The popularity of such characters only furthers the stereotype of the mentally ill being violent. This leads to fear both by those who …show more content…
The people who face these diversities daily are not, ‘broken’ that is why they have chosen a better, less stereotypical name for them to go by, neurodiverse or neurodivergent. Another way to help is to make diagnosis easier. For example; when a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, they have many tests to prove that is the disease they have. They do a series of blood panels to show the patient does in fact have diabetes. This is not the case with a neurodiverse patient, they have no special tests to prove it is a certain type of neurodiversity. The only test they have at the moment is to talk it out with the patient, and having self-reporting by the patient in order to assess the type of neurodiversity the individual has.
Doctors are working on just such a test to prove that neurodiversity is in fact a disease of the brain. Doctors like Eric Kandel, Kandel believes that mental disorders are all biological. "All mental processes are brain processes, and therefore all disorders of mental functioning are biological diseases," he says. "The brain is the organ of the mind. Where else could [mental illness] be if not in the brain?" (Weir) Kandel is proving his point, and gaining supporters on this subject. With the advances in the technological field these doctors are beginning to see how the brain is normal or

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