Stigma And Stigma Of Mental Illness Essay

1632 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
The standard formula for an interesting police based drama episode is to have a murderer who is seemingly unstoppable with unknown motives commit heinous crimes. Then, the protagonist police force discover that aforementioned murderer has a mental illness that causes the murderer to perpetrate more crimes. Makes sense doesn’t it? However, this formula contributes to a huge problem: a stigma towards mental illness. Be it calling someone who seems a little off retarded or blaming mental illness for a high-profile mass shooting, stigma exists in nearly every corner of our society. Despite advancements in the field of psychology, stigma has a strong influence on how we interact with others. Stigmatization of mental illness must stop because it creates a hostile environment for those with mental illness and perpetuates harmful, unproductive myths about mental illness. Stigma is a mark of disgrace that is associated with a particular circumstance or quality of a person. Stigma is harmful to the point where someone with a mental illness has troubles adjusting to society. Specific examples include a decreased chance of being employed and the internalization of self-stigma, which is, believing in the harmful stereotypes that are imposed upon those with mental illness (Corrigan). In fact, stigma acts as a barrier to recovery and is counterproductive to the health of someone with a mental illness. Stigmatization towards mental illness “harms the self-esteem of many people who have…

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