Sticks And Stones : Harmful Effects Of Bullying Essay example

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Sticks and Stones: the Harmful Effects of Bullying

The saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” does not reflect the truth in the halls of school or in the world of social media. The words spoken by children or teens intending to bully does cause pain and emotional damage to the victims of bullying. An epidemic of bullying is occurring among children and teenagers every day on social media and in schools across America. Children or teenagers who do not have a good home life or perceive they are better than others tend to bully other children or teenagers. A person considered a bully chooses to target another person that is smaller and weaker than him or her. Also, there are children or teenagers who choose a form of bullying called cyber bullying. A cyber bully uses social media as a tactic to “get into” the smaller, weaker victim’s head to cause emotional and mental distress. A side effect that occurs for a victim of bullying is depression. Many victims of bullying that suffer from depression find themselves in a dark place they feel they cannot get out of, which often results in suicide. The different types of bullying are cyber bullying, physical or verbal bullying. Any of these types of bullying can lead to severe depression in the victims of bullying, which can oftentimes lead to suicide. The bullying that occurs in today’s generation is much different than it was in previous generations. A common form of…

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