Steve Wozniak And Steve Jobs Essay example

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How did this companies become so powerful, who created them. Great men who are known for their intelligence changed the world completely. Technology is everywhere some of the most popular applications are, Apple, Amazon, Atari, Netflix, Adobe. All these companies have brought many things. They have made a huge impact on us by all the better opportunities we have with their companies. New advanced ways of making people happy, much more easier methods for selling their products. Apple is one of the biggest companies today, their cell phones, tablets, computers are sold everyday. They managed to get their system very well build. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were Apple 's founders this men were the start to an amazing creation.
On April 1976 was the start to this company. Both of this men were college dropouts. As a matter a fact they had their talents hidden. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs great friendships began several years earlier, When Steve Wozniak was still trying to figure out his talents trying different things. He was a self taught engineer who had learned many things with his own knowledge. So as you can see he had brains of his own. Jobs and Wozniak started to get more involved with working together. They started to work on boxes that would make longer distance phone call for free which was great because they had discovered how to call farther for no pay. Later both of these men discovered their abilities.These men were ready to start no matter what with their…

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