Steve Perry Informative Speech

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“News Update” about Steve Perry known as " THE VOICE " American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Former lead singer from band Journey most known for music hits like - Lights / Open Arms / Don't Stop Believing / Faithfully and classic song Mother Father and many many more. Set to release new solo music in early 2016 after a 20-year hiatus. Steve Perry by far is a class act. When Herbie Herbert ( Manager ) found Steve Perry it was like finding a winning lottery ticket for the for Neal Schon (guitarist) and the other members of Journey! And to think they wanted nothing to do with this guy. Perry's voice was one of the driving forces behind their success. But a band is just that, a group of musicians Neal Schon (guitar) - …show more content…
Keep living the dream! Can't wait to see and hear the next chapter! Mr.Steve Perry will always be a true to himself man. His music will forever be a heart felt passion for all his fans,what ever generation,where ever in the world. Young,old,a class act.!All the best to him. And wishing Steve a very Happy Birthday. So remember for 2016 Never Stop Believing The Music of Steve Perry and Journey will live on. Journey Facts:
**Steve Perry turned 67 years of age in January 2016
**Randy Jackson from American Idol TV show played bass guitar for Journey band on there album called "Raised on Radio" from 1986 to 1987.
**Steve Smith past drummer will return touring with Journey band in 2016 & 2017.
**Journey's hit song Lights about there origin city of San Francisco was originally written about Los Angeles. Reportedly, Steve Perry did originally write the song in L.A. and the lyrics were something like "When the lights go down in the city and the sun shine on L.A....".
**Song Oh, Sherrie from Steve Perry solo album was written for his girlfriend.
**Did you know that there are 176 "na"s" in "Lovin Touchin Squezzin".
**Steve is a avid fan of the San Francisco Giants Baseball

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