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Steve Jobs commencement says that we should do what we love, and I agree with him. His life story about his struggles and challenges he faced to get where he is is quite amazing. He gives inspiration and hope to those who need it most. Jobs had a unique way at looking at life and not that many people will agree with him and the way he seems to value life. Jobs didn’t finish college he doesn’t have any degree of any kind but was able to overcome his challenges in life to reach his goals and make his dreams come true.
Jobs begins with three simple stories about his life, the first being about when he was an infant and when he was with his mom. He spoke about how his mom wanted to give him up for adoption and did want
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Since he was seventeen he has looked in the mirror and asked himself, “if today was my last day would I want to do what I am about to do today?” If he answered no several times in a row he knew he had to make a change. But this isn 't the only time time death shaped what he would do. Jobs went in for a doctor appointment at seven-thirty in the morning. That day he was told he had a tumor on his pancreas which later led to being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was told that this type of cancer was almost incurable and would have three to six months to live and he should get his affairs ordered. That evening he had a biopsy in which they took cells from the tumor. Job 's wife told him that the doctor cried as he examined the cells and found that he had a rare cancer curable by surgery. Jobs says "this is the closest I 've been to facing death and I hope it 's the closest I get for a few more decades." He knows no one wants to die even those who want to go to heaven, but it is the destination that everyone has in common. Deaths gets rid of the old to make room for the new and one day the new will become the old. So they must know that time is limited and they shouldn 't waste it. People should not live the lives of others, they must have the courage to follow their heart and intuition because somehow they already know what you truly want. In other words do not be afraid to go for what you want because you can not escape death and dying …show more content…
Don 't do something just because it 's expected, you won 't be happy, and routine is what makes you give up. You do not want to go through what is left of your life reflecting on how miserable you were because you were not doing something you felt passionate about. Learn from experience, your own and others, live your own life, and in order to be happy do what you

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