Steve Jobs The Man Who Revolutionized The Technology World Essay

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While conducting research on Steve Jobs the man who revolutionized the technology world, I have learned several valuable methods to succeed in my chosen career field when you encounter problems such as: investment failures, losing your major creation and health problems. With the methods learned from the research on Steve Job’s perseverance, I will be able to apply those methods myself on the job when times are tough.
Jobs, founder of Apple Inc. faced several investment challenges before turning a simple project into a multi-bilinear company. In the beginning stage of the business, Steve developed a business-orientated computer called Apple III; which was considered a failure in the market (Ben Jones, 2005). This computer was developed for businesses, but its poor design and quality quickly diminished its opportunity to become a huge success. Although, the Apple III was not the only failure in his career. According to Lehrer half of the major ventures Jobs engaged in simply didn’t pan out (2011). Through determination and eager to succeed, he came up with the idea for more products to keep his company open; with this obstacle came the birth of the first MAC.
Further, Steve has faced many pitfalls throughout his career. To mention, being the founder of Apple; he was fired from his own company. In further detail, according to Kaul he was discharged from the company in 1985 due to his tough personality (2009). During this time period, Apple launched the document processing…

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