Steve Jobs : The Greatest Entrepreneur Essay

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Steve Jobs one of the Greatest Entrepreneur in Our Generation There are millions of entrepreneurs around the world, but the one greatest of all the time is Steve Jobs. He is very important figure in our generation because he created something really brilliant. For me Steve Job was the god of technology and he had incredible vision of technology. He created one of the most successful company in the history and invented revolutionary products called iPhone and iPod. According to the Forbes Apple is the world’s most valuable brand worth $741.8 Billion. For me it is really incredible what Steve Jobs did and created for us. His knowledge was beyond everything. He is very inspiring person for me. I found great article at Fortune where Steve Jobs is named the greatest entrepreneur and I don’t have doubt why. We all wonder how Steve innovate this great products and what is the story behind it. According to Fortune, who published Jobs’ interview in 2000 Jobs jokes "None. It isn 't the consumers ' job to know what they want. That doesn 't mean we don 't listen to customers, but it 's hard for them to tell you what they want when they 've never seen anything remotely like it”. Jobs created something that he things customer will love and he trusted himself in what he believes will work and make world better. Start-up Team: Steve Jobs founded interest in the electronics when he was 10 years old. He was trying to go to college but dropped out and met his friend Steve Woziak…

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