The Original Ideas Of Steve Jobs

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It almost seems like God created man but then gave them the choice of being who they wanted to be. They already had eyes but how come they did not always realize that they were naked. I look at it like maybe a multi purpose machine. Let us look at the iPhone as case study, its ideal task is a phone but can be used for other things; it has got a camera for example, the fact that a phone has a camera does not make it a camera. The original idea of Steve Jobs for the iPhone is a phone with a camera. The original idea for humans by God is to be a Spirit with a body and not a body with a spirit. What happens to a phone that is constantly used as a camera and hardly used as a phone, I believe we all agree that the phone will have a shorter life …show more content…
What God did about this is not different from what any company or owner who has bad goods in market will do to save his image and their invention. God had to recall us back to him to create us into our very own nature. The love he has for us is so enormous that even though it is our fault and we made the choice, He came to every doorpost asking for everyone of us to come back home, I will give you my very spirit and you shall live …show more content…
Life from Adam, death, life, death and life. (Life of the first and second Adam), 1 Corinthians 15:22.The steps to final death are; The Spirit of God left man, the spirit of man dies and then the physical body as recorded in the life of Adam. We see this same process being replicated in the death of Jesus in Matthew 27: 45-46; on the cross of Calvary the sin of all men was nailed to the cross. God could not dwell in the body of Jesus anymore because of this and then, Jesus cried out My God, My God why have you forsaken me. Why did God forsake Jesus, I mean Jesus is God? Simply because at that point he was carrying all of the sin of mankind (Matthew 27:45). When I say you are gods you better believe it people, that was our original design, Jesus lived our original design, we are meant to carry God’s presence where we go but sin has made us fall short. Matthew 27:50, we see that his Spirit left him. What happens next is amazing, it is recorded that the curtains of the temple was open, what does that mean? The Holy Spirit no longer dwelt in the temple and we all have access to him. The most remarkable thing is that all the bodies of those who were dead came back alive. As I have outlined the steps to death according to the scripture, we will establish that the steps to life are the opposite as seen in Matthew 27. The Holy Spirit was released unto

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