Steve Jobs Biography Summary Essay

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Chapter 1: Childhood: Abandoned and Chosen

Steve Jobs was the natural-born son of John Jandali and Joanne Schieble. Jandali was a teaching assistant from Syria and Joanne was a Catholic girl from Wisconsin whose parents disapproved of her relationship with a Muslim. Unable to wed, they gave their baby up for adoption and baby Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of San Francisco, California. Paul Jobs was an engine technician turned car mechanic, and he introduced Steve to the world of engineering and design, instilling in him many of the principles of good design that are so characteristic of Apple products.

Still, Jobs struggled at times with the circumstances surrounding his birth, and he expressed mixed emotions about both
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With $1300 of start-up capital, Wozniak and Jobs decided to start Apple Computer. Jobs happened to be coming back from an apple orchard on the day they needed a name for the company, and Apple stuck. Wozniak and Jobs labored for a month to build a hundred computers, sold half of them to a local computer dealer, and the other half to their friends and other customers. Within thirty days, Apple was profitable.

Chapter 6: The Apple II: Dawn of a New Age

Jobs quickly realized that the Apple I lacked the polish and presentation associated with products made by larger companies, so he made appealing design an important part of the Apple II. To get the funding necessary for scaling up into a larger operation, Jobs used his connections at Atari to get in touch with a venture capitalist who introduced Jobs to Mike Markkula, a thirty-three year old retired millionaire who had worked at Intel. “I looked past the fact that both guys needed a haircut and was amazed by what I saw on that workbench. You can always get a haircut.” said Markkula.

Markkula had the business savvy and the connections to turn Apple into a formidable computer company, and hired a publicist to work on Apple’s image. The Apple II launch was a tremendous success, and as Apple grew beyond Jobs’ capabilities, Markkula hired Mike Scott as President, essentially to manage Jobs. Scott and Jobs would clash often and heatedly but the Apple

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