Similarities Between Steve Jobs And Wozniak

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Steve Jobs started working on his successful products in 1976 (just the age of 21) with another computer genius Steve Wozniak. They both started out in Jobs family garage, to fund their entrepreneurial venture; Jobs sold his bus Volkswagen and Wozniak sold his cherish-able scientific calculator. Jobs and Wozniak both had a shared vision that focused on making technology easier to get around with but yet also with the best features. Jobs and Wozniak are credited with revolutionizing the computer industry by equalizing the technology and making machines cheaper, smaller, intuitive and accessible to everyday consumers. The first product the two produced was the Apple 1. With Jobs handling the sales and Wozniak doing most of the building, the two …show more content…
IBM, which is another software/PC design, surpassed Apple in sales, forcing Apple to compete with an IBM/PC- dominated business structure. In need of a new way out, in 1984 Apple released the Macintosh, advertising it as a piece of a counterculture lifestyle. But despite the numerous sales, it still wasn’t enough to catch up to IBM in the market sales nor compatible. Sculley, the CEO of Apple; later came to a conclusion to fire Jobs form his own company. Sculley felt that Jobs was hurting Apple with his ideas and plans he set forth for Apple. This is the part where Jobs encountered conflict management within Apple Company. When we think of conflict we mostly think of violence or retaliation, but in Jobs’ case he did none of that. Jobs was basically rich and unemployed during the time Apple’s executives and CEO kicked him to the curve. During his 10 year time off, Jobs created another shared vision within selected few of his team members from Apple and created the NeXT operating system. Thus leaving Apple in 1985 to begin a new hardware and software enterprise called NeXT, Inc. The NeXT system was designed for the Lisa computers which made Jobs a little richer. However, that still wasn’t enough for him. The following year Jobs purchased an animation company from George Lucas, …show more content…
Amelio. It was an act of desperation on Apple 's part. Because they had failed to develop a next-generation Macintosh operating system, the firm 's share of the PC market had dropped to just 5.3 percent, and they hoped that Jobs could help turn the company around.” Against all odds, Steve Jobs pulled the company he founded and loved back from the start. Apple once again was up and running as a better healthy company. But Apple 's innovations were just getting

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