Steve Jobs Research Paper

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Steve Jobs was truly an extraordinary person. He invented so many things that people could not live without today, such as the Macintosh, iPhone, and iPod, and has changed the world with his genius. Jobs revolutionized the smartphone industry, the animation industry, and everyday computers. He had his fair share of problems in life, and definitely deserved his position in Apple. This paper will be talking about how Apple started, his personal life, and his overall impact on technology today.
It all started when a friend of Steve Wozniak, Bill Fernandez, introduced him to Jobs (Isaacson, 2011, p. 25). “Steve and I just sat on the sidewalk in front of Bill’s house for the longest time, just sharing stories- mostly about pranks we had pulled and
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When he was thirty-one, Jobs set out to find them. Jobs found a doctors name on his birth certificate, so he looked him up in a phone book. Jobs gave him a call, but the doctor said that the records of his birth had been destroyed in a fire. (Isaacson, 2011 p. 253) This however, was not true, and the doctor wrote a letter to be delivered to Jobs when he died. Shortly after, he died, and the letter was sent to Jobs. The letter revealed that his mother was Joanne Simpson (she had changed her name after a marriage). Simpson became emotionally attached to him and was apologizing for the fact that she gave him up for adoption. Simpson also revealed to Jobs that he had a sister named Mona Simpson (Isaacson, 2011, p. 254) She was an upcoming writer living in Manhattan. They formed a friendship over time, and Jobs would sometimes come to her events. He even bought her lots of clothes one time, as they would sometimes have arguments about what she was wearing. (Isaacson, 2011 p. 256) Jobs however, did not want to see his father. His father, Abdulfattah Jandali, left Joanne five years after Mona was born. He had actually met Jobs before, of course without the knowledge that he was his father, at a Mediterranean restaurant that he had worked at. Later, when he told Mona about the restaurant, he added “All of the successful technology people used to come there. Even Steve Jobs.” (Isaacson, 2011 p. 257) When Mona told Jobs about this, Jobs really did not care about it because he thought that he did not really treat him that

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