Steve Jobs : A Visionary Leader Essay examples

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Steve Jobs
SMSgt Raymond Artis
8 Sep 15
MSgt Brad Walters

Steve Jobs
When you think of Steve Jobs, you think about all the wonderful products that he created and being a great man in the world of innovation but his was not a great man by trade. The way Steve Jobs carried himself as visionary leader correlates with the core lesson principles of Change Management. Steve Jobs actions, decisions and behaviors (ADBs) contradicts that a proper ethical leader, as represented in the student guide lesson principles of Ethical Leadership, when dealing with his workers and his family. At the same time, showing you that my experiences and ADBs have properly displayed the traits of a visionary and ethical leader. Now that I have established my talking points, I can move right along long to identifying Steve Jobs as a visionary leader.
Visionary Leader
Steve Jobs was considered one of America’s greatest innovators. He was a visionary because he applied imagination and creativity to technology and business at the same time. He personified the vision of American entrepreneurship, transformed the way we connect and communicate by development a customer friendly computer. In the beginning, his company didn’t start off as expected. According to Isaacson (2012, Steve Jobs cofounded Apple in his parents’ garage in 1976, was ousted in 1985, and returned to rescue the company from near bankruptcy in 1997. Steve Jobs returned with passion knowing that he was entrusted with…

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