Steve Job 's Consciousness Of Emotional Intelligence Leadership

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Steve Jobs the former CEO of Apple is an interesting topic of study within the realm of emotional intelligence leadership due to his questionable leadership styles, innovative mind, and world revolutionizing ideas. Jobs was undoubtedly successful in his career and changed the world with new products and services that improved the quality of life for its’ users. Although Jobs was wildly successful in his ventures, he was not the best emotionally intelligent leader. This can be seen after evaluating Steve Job’s consciousness of others capacities, which is about intentionally working with and influencing individuals and groups to bring about positive change. The first capacity within consciousness of others is displaying empathy and it is defined as being emotionally in tune with others. This capacity would be ranked near the top of Job’s weaknesses due to his lack of concern for others especially within his own personal life and professionally. A perfect example to showcase a lack thereof of empathy within Job’s personality is an exchange he had with employees over a new feature called MobileMe. After scolding his team in charge of the project and asking why it is not functioning properly Jobs said to the team, “You should hate each other for having let each other down” (Lashinsky). This remark from Job’s shows that he did not perceive or address the emotions of others and rather brought them down with no regard for what affect it would have on their performance. The second…

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