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cost of a stethoscope does not change my action. With respect to worrying about debt, there are likely other tradeoffs I can make in my personal life to avoid a stethoscope. I would rather go with that route. While some may have the personal integrity to not be influenced by receiving a stethoscope, I prefer not to put myself in that position in the first place.
While the taking the stethoscope seems somewhat unsavory, I do not see an issue with listening to the lecture. Taking the opportunity to be informed of a potential treatment does not seem unsavory. While I could see the potential concern that even taking in the presentation could bias ones judgement, one should approach this with a mindset of extreme skepticism. Nothing that presentation
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For example, an element of the physical environment could be exposure to things like too poor water quality, such as the people of Flint, Michigan, leading to poorer health. Another example could be a culture norm with which they grew up of being untrusting of Western medicine and physicians, as was the case in a past reading on the Hmong people, leading to a lack of care or poor quality of care even if they do see a …show more content…
Dementia is a progressive disease of the brain over a long period of time. Therefore its progression is much more subtle. Delirium often involves an acute event or change, such as an overdose of medication. This also helps to affect duration Given the progressive loss of neural function in dementia over a long time, dementia would be stable over the day relative to delirium where some acute insult to the brain may fluctuate in potency over the day. Both the reductions in awareness and alertness have to do with the nature of the injury/insult to the brain whereas dementia involves more a loss of cognitive function compared to awareness and

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