Steroids Should Be Banned From The Olympics Essays

1046 Words Mar 5th, 2015 null Page
Steroid use in athletics has become a serious problem in the fairness of current competitions. The use of steroids was banned from the Olympics in 1976, yet millions of athletes and bodybuilders use these illegal substances in order to gain a competitive edge. Along with the obvious benefits of using anabolic steroids, there are very serious health risks that should be known by potential users. There are many motives and methods for taking steroids. There has been a long history of steroid use in competition like the Olympics, bicycle races, and high school athletics. The health risks associated with steroids are very high risk since they affect every part of the human body. People often ask why someone would want to take steroids. The reasons are simple, athletes get bigger, stronger, and faster than they would if they exercised without taking them (Walsh & Labrecque). Sixty-two and a half percent of steroid users claim to do it in order to improve their physical appearance (Larsen 7). Some athletes claim injuries heal far more quickly while using steroids (Silvester 12). Weightlifting is an ancient activity, but wasn’t an organized sport until the 1920’s (Larsen 6). The sport or activity of weight lifting has been becoming more and more popular, which increases the youths interest in steroids. The median age of first time steroid users is 15 (Larsen 7). Doctors estimate that steroid use in high school kids is between 500,000 and 1,000,000 students, these kids…

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