Steroids Should Be Banned From Major League Baseball Essay

1234 Words May 9th, 2016 5 Pages
In 1991, steroids were banned from Major League Baseball and in 2003 testing of the Major League Baseball players began. I think steroids should be let back into Major League Baseball because steroids can help with some medical injuries such as strained muscles or even broken bones, steroids would also give the sport more of an edge like Major League Baseball fans are looking for and because it is also wrong for people to think steroids are a bad thing when they have not experienced it.
Steroids can help a player grow to be a better player in baseball. ¨We let people do far more dangerous things than play football and baseball using steroids like bungee jumping or to ski more advanced slopes I don 't think we need to go down a path which we restrict or criminalize behavior over health risks¨ ( I feel that we should allow steroids back into baseball to help with medical reasons, such as, getting players back to their normal playing state. We could give them the certain amount of dosage they need just to help them work hard at getting pulled muscles or fractures bones back to good health. If we give them the proper dosage it will give them just enough power to work at just regaining their normal health state. A lot of doctors try saying that steroids are a bad thing but others also say they are a good thing but they do use them to this day but you can not play sports while in the use of them. If a baseball playing has a doctor who says it is ok for them to use…

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