Steroids Research Paper

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Robert Anderson
Prof. Santoro
English Comp 1 sec 151 Research Paper
April 29, 2008
Anabolic Steroid Anabolic steroid is widely being used by young teens throughout middle school and high school. Studies reveal that children in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade, aging from 9-13 are using anabolic steroids.(isteroids) Think of a number that would represent the percentage of middle school students that have taken an anabolic steroid at least once. “According to steroid stats of various studies, 5.4% of all middle school students are reported using steroids. This includes 2.6% male students, and 2.8% female students.”(isteroids) “Steroid use is growing among 12-17 year old males, and the average adolescent begins
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My coach and I became very close over my four years of high school. I can recall one particular conversation we had during my gym class one day. The way he started it off had me believing that he wanted me to try steroids. I just remember him telling me that if I took steroids I would see results right away. My mussels would get bigger I would have a better drive, and my performance on the baseball field would be greatly improved. So, as I thought to myself all the bad things I have learned about anabolic steroids, here is someone I looked up to telling me about the good things steroids can do for me. Then he went on to explain, that in the end it would deteriorate my body and take years off my life. That is when I realized the point he was trying to get across. He always told me that I did not want to be labeled as a cheater, and he would always refer to MLB about the struggles some of those players went through. I was lucky to have never been approached by anyone or be peer pressured in to taking anabolic steroids. I always surrounded myself with good friends and good ball players. I am amazed that the way illegal drugs are being passed around so easily that I was never approach or saw anyone with steroids. This is a very serious drug, and I think by teaching me these lessons at a young age helped me to better understand it as I grew older. My teachers and coaches taught me great lessons, ones of which I am greatly

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