Why Athletes Use Steroids

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Do you think it’s fair for an athlete from any type of sport to use steroids while playing? There are a lot of athletes from different types of sports who uses steroids without thinking about their side effects and how harmful it is on your life. Athletes use it to become something they’re not and they do it just to be better and to get more money and fame. Using steroids while being an athlete can kill you, harm your body, get suspended, take away the money you took over the years, and some jail time. There are many steroids kinds in the market. Steroids are drugs that people use to get bigger, more muscular, get better stamina, and a lot more of those types of upgrades to your body. According to Mayo Clinic’s article, Performance-enhancing drugs: Know the risks, the six most famous kinds of steroids that people use are Anabolic, Androstenedione, Erythropoietin, Diuretics, Creatine, and stimulants. There are many other different non-branded steroids that athletes use without knowing that they are even worse in terms of risk than the normal famous types of steroids. Athletes from all kinds of sports use steroids substances to significantly help them with their speed, strength, body muscle mass, and a lot more. As stated by Anabolic steroids and the …show more content…
Athletes use steroids to achieve fame and accomplishments that they couldn’t earn if they weren’t using steroids. It’s not fair for other athletes that don’t use steroids to compete with those who does, which doesn’t make sports enjoyable and fairly played. Steroids are drugs that can be found with many people who sell it and the government should deal with those who sell it to decrease the amount of athletes that use steroids. Finally, hard consequences should punish those athletes who use steroids so others who think about using it stop thinking about it and to make the sport a well fairly enjoyable thing to watch and

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