Steroids In Professional Sports

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30 on 30

Professional sports are America’s way of exhibiting true athleticism and skill and athletes prove their ability through agility test, strength test, and endurance test. Every athelete wants to be faster, stronger, more powerful than the next. When athletes feel as though they cannot reach their full potential,regardless of their intense workout program and nutrition program, they tend to search for supplements or steroids for assistance. Professional athletes of all sports have been using steroids dating all the way back to the first Olympic Games. Even though deemed as unethical and illegal in all sports, millions of dollars and world records can ride on being the "world best" and winning any competition. With the increase
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The 1988 Seoul Olympics was the most conterversiol Olympic event that brough together Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson. Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson were fierce competitiors and in the documentary 30 on 30: *9.79, their dislike for eachohter is apparent.
Lewis was known as a talented track and field athlete who quickly became an American hero at the Los Angeles Olympics. Johnson was his rival, considered an underdog due to his recovery from a pulled hamstring and was even seen as "least talented" in his track
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According to Russ Rogers, Sprint Coach, "80% of atheletes were on drugs at the time". Dr. Robert Kerr was the main supplier for growth hormone to the athletes but Coach Charlie Francis was the person that introduced the Dr. to the athletic club to distribute and "educate" athletes about steroids. The athletes were able to lift maxium weights and do maxium workouts two times a day while on steroids, which is very difficult and near impossible for people without subastance assistance. These atheltes would take steroids months before events so their system would clear by the time events came

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