Steroids And Its Effects On Sports Essay examples

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Steroids have been around for years in the sports world. Recently more and more issues with them have occurred. They have been interfering with sport players performances and the fairness of the games. Many people think steroids in sports are an amazing thing to see and a beneficial drug. While, others see it as an unfair drug that takes away from the true game and athlete. Steroids have many negative side effects and they also have many positive sides effects. Some of these effects are short term and go away within a certain time period, and other are long term. Steroids can affect all aspects of an athlete 's life, mentally, socially, and physically. It is interesting to see steroid users mental thoughts. Many users have no idea what they are really putting in their body. They have no education on this drugs at all. Steroids are medical drug that many people today have very little knowledge about.

Steroids in sports have affected the sports word in making some sports unfair. They are derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone. These man made substances imitate protein production resulting in the increase of muscle mass, body mass and strengths. It also includes other characteristics such as sperm production, aggressiveness, masculine voice, libido, and increase of body hair. In the 20th century, it was the first time testosterone was isolated. This led to the studies of a substance stimulated a strong positive nitrogen balance in castrated rats…

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