Steroids And Its Effect On Students And Athletes Essays

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Steroids and its Effect On Students and Athletes Steroids are a drug commonly used for medicinal purposes. Whether that purpose be hormonal imbalances or breast cancer, all drugs can be abused. For the past several years, body builders, abuse survivors, athletes, and people alike have been misusing steroids. This has lead to many physical problems as well as psychological. It’s creation was not a mistake, but what drove people to abuse this drug was not a simple “yes” or “no” decision. Steroids, or the more technical term, anabolic steroids, are a drug used by many athletes and normal people. This drug is composed of synthetic testosterone. Some people tend to get this drug confused with a simple hormone pill a doctor would prescribe for someone who needs it. Anabolic steroids, though, are synthetic and thus are harmful to the body. It provides harmful changes in both males and females. This drug provides changes in muscle mass, the amount of body hair a male and/or female has, as well as some other similar male sexual characteristics. The history of steroids is what one would think as a television trope. In the nineteen-thirties, scientists produced this medicinal drug for the treatment of a condition called hypogonadism. Hypogonadism’s situation is when the testes fail to produce an efficient amount testosterone. As many know, testosterone is beneficial for healthy growth, development of the body as well as functioning sexual organs in the male body. Steroids are…

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