Steroids And Banned Substance Use Essay

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Steroids and Banned substance use in Professional sports
Introduction: Steroids in professional sports are used by many players or were used by current or former players. Members of organizations have either been caught with them during their careers or after their careers. There are many types of Performance enhancing drugs such as stimulants, muscle relaxers, injections and pills. Steroids has made sports seem as if they are just playing to be good and not playing for the fun and love of the game. They argue against policies that are established to get away with the little things such as one game or one title. Steroids are considered illegal contraband and if you are caught with them there is very high consequences that you must face for putting your life on the line. The use of steroids has forever changed the face of professional sports, making it a game fueled by drugs instead of talent or skill.
Taking stimulants in professional sports has become more and more addictive. A Career ending injury can cause many pro and college athletes to take steroids to help them perform better. They are often lured into taking banned substances or an overdose of the medication so they can play an important game. Pro Athletes endure lots of stress on their bodies day after day and game after game, that is why so many players get caught with taking steroids and banned substances( Richman).
Steroid use in sports used to be used for painkillers and now many players get caught with…

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