Essay about Stereotyping, Stereotypes, And Judging People

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Imagine a world where everyone judged you for who you are, how you look, and how you act. It is not something you need to imagine because it is how the world is today, you get judged for everything you do. That is called stereotyping, and judging people for who they are should not be allowed. What if everyone chose to pick you out of everyone in the world and started picking out these flaws you cannot control, and then being placed in a category that you cannot chose and being left in that category for the rest of your life. Does that feeling make you feel as if you are not good enough to be who you are? It does, does it not, and that’s how people feel every day. But it does not have to be like that, we can make a change, we do not have to stereotype everyone in the world. Stereotyping is wrong, and people should not stereotype other people, stereotyping is almost as if you are judging yourself.

Stereotyping is not just in the United States, it happens in all cultures. But it is known that whites use stereotypes more than other races. Stereotyping is a general idea of a person or even people. It evolves out of fear of people from smaller groups of people. Who would have thought that people who are afraid of other people judge their peers just so they are better? Stereotypes usually refer to a practice of ascribing to an individual woman or man based on specific aspects they posses based on their membership in society. Like in high school, teenagers are stereotyped based on…

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