Stereotyping Is The Act Of Categorizing A Specific Person Into A Larger Group Of People

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Stereotyping is the act of categorizing a specific person into a larger group of people.
While some stereotypes may seem harmless, the downfalls of lumping individuals into generalized groups are widespread. Something as simple as assuming that the star quarterback for the high school is just a dumb jock can force him into that role, even if he wants to be a part of the school chorus. Stereotyping erases any possibility for students to branch out and grow as individuals. Most detrimental is stereotyped cultures, as they often accept their “place” in society, without trying to break the mold. The biggest threat to the student is that once stereotyped, the will start to believe that he/she belongs to a certain group and begins a self-fulfilling prophecy of conforming to the negative stereotype. The student no longer sees themselves as an individual, but just part of a larger group that they can’t break free of. Since people often develop stereotypes of fans of different music genres, biases can be easily shaped based on different music tastes. Adolescents listen to music voraciously and often form friendships based on the genre of music they prefer. Their music choice often becomes a
“badge” that they wear, defining their attitudes, opinions and that ultimately forms their identity.
Once they are labeled as a certain group, they are treated accordingly and are often unable to break free of the stereotypes thrust upon them.
Our unconscious beliefs underlying negative - or what…

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