Stereotyping In The Movie Crash

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How does the stereotype in the movie Crash(2004) that all people of color are criminals come from the inequities of power which then cause the denial of flexible thinking? I will be looking specifically at Stuart Hall 's Representation Cultural Representations and signifying Practices and Michael Pickering 's Stereotyping: The Politics of The Presentation. People interacting with people of color stereotype them as criminals. When doing so the person believes they are the more superior on the social hierarchy and therefore cause the denial of flexible thinking as seen throughout the movie Crash (2004).
Michael Pickering is a professor at Loughborough university, teaching cultural theories and media studies. He has published articles about
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A quote that is intriguing to me is, “Stereotyping may operate as a way of imposing a sense of order on the social world in the same way as categories, but with the crucial difference that stereotyping attempts to deny any flexible thinking” (Pickering 3). The key terms are the social world, which is the way we communicate to one another; imposing, meaning something of impressive size. A sense of order being the way in which something makes sense. In this case that would be how the social world works. However, due to stereotyping we humans are denied flexible thinking. This means that we do not allow ourselves to think differently because we 've been taught a certain stereotype that we know no difference. The quote fits into the concept of how stereotyping denies flexible thinking because the quote specifically states, “ stereotyping attempts to deny any flexible thinking” (Pickering 3). Also the quote is saying how the inability for people to have flexible thinking makes the social world work in almost a fixed way. This concept connects to another concept the comfort of inflexibility. Due to thinking only in one way gives people comfort because when people feel safe in their assumptions they can go up and talk to someone they wouldn 't normally, but due to stereotypes that is all the person making the assumption

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