Stereotyping And Its Effects On Society Essay

1523 Words Nov 18th, 2015 7 Pages
Most people would agree that stereotyping someone is an unjust action, however people unknowingly stereotype every stranger they see. When walking down the street and seeing a homeless man sitting down asking for change, most people would assume that the homeless man is living an unhappy life or has a drug addiction. This is an example of stereotyping, based off the man just appearing to be homeless. However, stereotyping does not necessarily always have negative impact. Stereotyping is an evolutionarily societal characteristic, that involves a complex process of the brain that has developed throughout human history. People in today’s society benefit off of this social tactic without even knowing. There are two sides to stereotyping, negative and positive. Despite being viewed negatively in society today, stereotyping is often beneficial, and necessary in today’s society.
Stereotyping is an involuntary function of the brain that serves for several purposes, and is almost uncontrollable. Stereotyping is often seen as an insult by society today, and there are several organizations and groups that speak out against stereotypes. However, stereotyping was a process that the brain developed to work faster and more efficiently. The brain develops this process at an early age and begins storing information to help the brain compute even faster. The process of stereotyping is a complex and primal way of evaluating situations. Trace Dominguez explains this scientific process, and…

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