Stereotyping And Cultural Stereotyping Of Muslims Based On Religious Conflict Throughout The Western World

1895 Words Apr 30th, 2015 8 Pages
This report will explore the prejudice and cultural stereotyping of Muslims based on religious conflict throughout the western world. It will evaluate the role of the media and some politicians in such stereotyping and explore the theories of negative and positive face, Otherization and cultural stereotyping. The Report will evaluate relevant pieces of literature that support the suggestions made throughout. The Report will then draw conclusions and recommendations for further consideration on the topic.
Many individuals have fixed images of other cultures and use these notions to categorize people into groups; this in turn can influence the behavior individuals may present to others. This can be described as stereotyping. Stereotypes are formed through social identity, when an individual views themselves as a member of an in group that is distinctive and usually more subjectively positive than an out group (Brief 2008, p.215). Cultural stereotyping is where by a group of people belonging to a particular religion, race or cultural group identify another cultural or religious group as being the out-group, or associating them with particular behaviors and traits that are a characteristic of belonging to that group. For example, and what will be explored further in this report; people who are Muslims are more likely to be terrorists than other religious groups. Cultural stereotyping is often done through ignorance or by being un-educated on a…

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