Stereotypical Gender Issues Of The Advertisement Essay

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The advertisement presented by Hartmann in the 2015 5th edition Times Magazine, shows us there is clear evidence of stereotypical gender issues. The advertisement shows a petite, blonde woman in a long dress carrying a luggage walking past a man who is attempting to hold her back from moving and talk to her. The advertisement then goes to state in capital letters “Weightless Beauty” which may refer to the luggage suitcase. Upon further inspection, this advertisement may be portraying woman as weightless beauty because she seems to be picked up by the man hence weightless and beauty as in the woman. The advertisement is unclear if the text is meant towards the suitcase or woman. This perpetuates female stereotypes of skinniness and attractiveness as being the norm and this is usually associated with correlation to weight. The advertisement supports gender stereotypes by perpetuating males with domineering attitudes while women are stereotyped to look beautiful and skinny. Although the woman may appear stereotypical, she is also being portrayed as a target because of the words “Beauty” right next to the word “Weightless” in the advertisement shows us there is a gender issue for woman to be skinny in order to be attractive. Jean Kilbourne in the article "Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt" goes in great detail explaining how advertisements effect females. Kilbourne states that "It is hard for girls not to learn self-hatred in an environment in which there is such widespread and…

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